Exposure like never before.

EarBuds gives brands and influencers a way to connect with their followings in a completely new way: with music. 

No other streaming service has half the capabilities EarBuds does. Check out this feature sheet to see how the competition stacks up.


Your fans want to know what music you listen to. The most asked question during last year’s Superbowl was “What’s on your pre-game playlist?” It wasn’t about football or the game, it was about music.


EarBuds let’s you create quality content that fans can’t wait to get their hands on, and all you have to do is listen to music. Add our wide variety of social and promotional features to the mix and you can make sure that your message gets across to a highly engaged audience.


Fans are absolutely rabid to know what’s on your playlist. EarBuds not only let’s them see what’s on your playlist, but let’s them listen along with you while you’re listening to it. They can share the moment with you while you’re warming up for the big game, about to take the stage, or just killing time. 


Share the moment. Live the music.