Beta Release 17.4

Our last update changed how you discover new music with the Explore feature. Now we've created the all-new Feed screen, a new home for social activity in the app. Read below to learn more about how this new feature will completely change the way people interact with their friends on the app.

The Feed Screen

The new Feed screen makes everything about EarBuds more social. Users can use Feed to see activities from people they follow, like when people they follow have gone live or who they've followed. We implemented this feature based on feedback we’ve received from users who say that want an easier way to keep up with their friends’ activity. Live sessions from the people you follow will always stay up top. Staying up-to-date with your friends has never been easier!

Suggested Follows

Looking for fresh people to follow? Let EarBuds help! At the top of your Feed, you'll see a carousel of recommended followers based on the current network of people you follow, as well as your music taste. Then anytime they go live or follow someone, you'll see it in your feed. We added this feature in the hopes that it will help users find people to follow both in their social groups, and outside of them based on music preferences.

Bug Fixes

With an update that adds so many new features, there's bound to be a few kinks to work out. We've fixed a bunch of bugs associated with Apple Music and playback issues, but our new Feed feature may be a little buggy at first. If you’re a beta tester and you find a bug, just shake your phone to report it, and we can get to work fixing it!

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