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EarBuds works with your music service provider: Apple Music or Spotify. Read on for help in setting up your EarBuds account to stream and host live listening.

EarBuds will ask you to connect to your premium music provider so you can stream your music. Periodically, as Spotify and Apple renew your connection, we'll ask you to reconfirm your permissions. Your EarBuds history will always be safe in your account.

Anyone with an EarBuds account can stream what they're listening to and share with their friends. When you decide to set up a session, you'll find your entire music library ready for you: playlists, songs, and artists.


EarBuds allows you to stream music live to anyone in the world. In our app, live streams are called "sessions," and they're available in real-time.

In the Explore screen, you'll find a list of genres and vibes (like "Moody" or "Country") full of trending sessions. You'll see live sessions as well as recently-ended sessions that you can replay.

Try selecting a playlist of songs, and you'll see an "Add All" button. Selecting that button adds all the songs to your EarBuds Play Tray, which queues up the next songs to play. Tapping the + sign next to a song title adds it to your upcoming tracks. You can reorder songs by selecting and dragging tracks up or down in your queue.

You can remove songs from your session by tapping the Play Tray icon. Tap the — icon to remove it from your session. Don't worry about losing access to that song, by the way, it'll still be in your library!

The best sessions feel like "you" to your listeners. Open the menu and select "Tag Your Session" to personalize the name, location, and mood associated with a session.


EarBuds lets you listen along live with anyone in the world. You can listen in two ways: through sessions you're hosting yourself, or to sessions hosted by other EarBuds users.

Select Explore or Feed to see sessions that you can join. Each card you see is a unique live session. Listen along by tapping the large "Listen Along" button.

If you really like a song someone is listening to, tap the fire icon! This shows your host that you're into it, and we'll save the song for you in a personalized playlist.

Tap an individual song in a session you're listening to and select "Save To Your Music Service," and the song will save back to Spotify or Apple Music. You can also save full sessions as playlists and access them in your music service provider.

If your host has to duck out early, don't worry — their playlist will keep playing until all the listeners head out, too.

If you need to take a call, there's a mute button handy. You won't find a pause button because your stream is live! This means the music will keep playing for your listeners, even when it's muted on your phone.


Here's a walkthrough of all the ways you can personalize your EarBuds experience.

Your profile gives people insight into who you are and what kind of music you listen to. Tap the edit icon on your profile to add photos, update your location, and write a short bio.

You can find new people to follow on EarBuds in a few different ways. On your Feed, you'll find Suggested Follows, which are people we think you'd enjoy listening to. You can also find hosts through the Explore screen, if you listen to sessions that are live. Our search function also lets you discover new users (and to find your friends!).

The Feed is where you can see activity from friends, influencers, and artists that you follow on EarBuds. At the top of the Feed, you'll find suggestions based on your connections, location, and taste (Suggested Follows).

When you follow someone on EarBuds, you'll get notified when they go live so you never miss a session. You can toggle notifications on/off for individual hosts; navigate to their profile and select the bell icon to mute push notifications for anyone you follow.

EarBuds is a social, shared-listening app designed to bring people together over something they love: music.

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