Frequently Asked Questions

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Is EarBuds a free service?



Yes! EarBuds is a free app you can download in the iOS App Store. All you need is a premium subscription to either Spotify or Apple Music!

Will you provide regular updates?



We’ll be offering regular releases to the App Store, and you can sign up for our email list to receive updates about further development.


Do I need an internet connection to use EarBuds?



You do. But, you can always save someone else’s session for later you can save songs and entire playlists back to your Spotify or Apple Music library to listen to later.

Are there in-app purchases?



Nope, EarBuds is completely free! All you need is an Apple Music or Spotify premium account. 

Which music providers can I use?



Currently, EarBuds syncs with Spotify and Apple Music. If there’s another service you think we should add, feel free contact us.

When are you coming to Android?



We love our Android users and will be developing for Android in the very near future. You can sign-up to receive updates at the bottom of this page.

If I have Apple Music can I listen to Spotify users?



You can! EarBuds is completely provider agnostic, meaning that as long as you’re using EarBuds other users can always join your streams and see your music.​​

I have Apple Music and created an EarBuds account but no music is playing.


That’s an issue with your iCloud music sharing settings. You can check out this guide to fix it!