Tips for Making the Perfect Summer Playlist

Choose a vibe – and be picky

There are many different types of summer playlists. The kickback playlist, the party playlist, the day on the lake playlist, etc. Before creating the playlist, choose the perfect vibe, and stick to it. If this is a party playlist, start more mellow and build up to faster songs. If it’s a hangout playlist, choose steady songs to fit that chill vibe. Picking songs that even slightly don’t match the certain feel of the playlist throw off the entire mood. Sticking to a certain feel and being picky about what songs are added makes the playlist that much more cohesive.


Choose your genre(s)

Stick to a particular genre, or try mixing genres that complement each other. Most people don’t really want to be listening to Mo Bamba one minute then Barefoot Blue Jean Night the next. There’s always room for more than one playlist!


Try to stick to new songs

When creating a summer playlist, the main goal is to make memories to the songs on that playlist. It’s hard to make new memories attached to throwbacks. So, stick to newer songs, so when looking back on the songs of the summer, you can remember the memories made from that summer. (Unless it’s a party playlist, then throwbacks are always fun.)


Don’t add a bunch of “Top 40” songs

Songs from the radio that are played over and over have no place on a summer playlist. Why? People want to be able to listen to their playlist as many times as they want and not be annoyed. If songs from the radio are added, it’s pretty much a guarantee that the playlist will get old, fast. Stay away from the overplayed tunes from radio stations.


Make it long, but not too long

When making a summer playlist, it’s easy to get carried away and add a million songs. Make sure to remember the first four steps, and be picky, but don’t make the playlist too short. Summer playlists are meant to be played for long periods of time while doing the various summer activities. While a summer party playlist should last as long as the get-together lasts, an hour or two is the perfect length for an everyday summer playlist!


Take notes from your friends playlists

A way to enhance a playlist is getting songs from friends while hanging out with them. If friends play a good song, add it to a summer playlist. Having songs friends like gives the playlist a more personal feel. This makes the playlist memorable, and more people will want to listen to it.


Share your playlist

What’s the point of having a summer playlist if it’s not shared it with other people enjoying summer? Make sure to send the playlist to friends, share it on social media, or make it public on the chosen streaming app. Friends can also listen to your playlist at the same time as you by going live on the EarBuds app!

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