Kids’ Music That’s Not Baby Shark

Living under a rock might be the only way someone hasn’t heard of the baby shark craze. With more than two billion views on YouTube, the Pinkfong song has peeped into almost everyone’s lives at this point. And for parents, the song has probably gotten pretty old. Here are the artists that have spiced up the kids music genre:



Ziggy Marley


Most people know Ziggy Marley as iconic reggae musician Bob Marley’s son. Originally, I was shocked to find out he’s made music specifically for kids. That was before I knew he sung the theme song of cartoon Arthur & Friends. “Family Time” is a reggae album with a family twist. It includes music people can vibe out to with their kids, along with short stories.



PJ Panda


PJ Panda is an artist perfect for all the trap-loving parents. The rapper remixes original kids songs such as, “Wheels on the Bus,” “Row Row Row Your Boat,” and yes, even “Baby Shark.” He also makes original educational songs for kids, like, “Teach Me Spanish.”



Rockabye Baby!


This record label takes well known artists like Drake, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga, and turns their songs into instrumental lullabies. They’re the perfect songs to put the babies’ to sleep at night!



Johnny Cash


Believe it or not Johnny Cash made an album for the kids back in 1975. “The Johnny Cash Children’s Album” takes listeners back to “the good ole days,” in a way that children seem to really enjoy.



They Might Be Giants


They Might Be Giants is an alternative rock band. However, they also make children’s music, and “Here Comes Science” is one of the best. They also made the iconic “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme.”



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