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Hungry? Where to Eat & Drink at ACL Fest 2018

Getting in and out of ACL to feed yourself can be a huge hassle. Luckily, you don’t have to leave the festival grounds at all to get a great meal. Here’s a list of all the food, drink, and dessert vendors that will be open for business at Zilker next week and the week after. Included descriptions and vegetarian/vegan distinctions come from the vendors' websites and the ACL vendor list.



  Austin's Pizza Vegetarian-friendly options available. "There is no science to our food. We just make the best delivery pizza ever using only pure, whole ingredients. Throw these together for a simple cheese pie or combine any number of toppings to create your own version of a truly great pizza."   Burro Grilled Cheese Vegan-friendly options available. "At Burro Cheese Kitchen, we craft artisan grilled cheeses and take the concept of amazing grilled cheese to the next level. Great bread, great artisan cheese, and scratch in-house made sauces designed to pair with each particular grilled cheese sandwich combination is what we do daily."   Chi’lantro Korean BBQ Vegan-friendly options available. "Chi’Lantro is an award-winning restaurant, mobile food truck and full-service catering company with a passion for creating Korean BBQ inspired cuisine. The name “Chi’Lantro” is a combination of the words “kimchi” and “cilantro.” The company is known for its signature dish, The Original Kimchi Fries™."   East Side King Vegan-friendly options available. "Globally influenced Japanese street food inspired by Asian cultures, rock bands, art and Austin’s laid-back, fun-loving vibe. We use quality ingredients like 100% veg-fed pigs raised without antibiotics, hormones, or crates. Visit us at Liberty Bar or South Lamar. We also do catering!"   Flyrite Chicken Vegan-friendly options available. "At Flyrite, we believe fast food should be real food. We use ingredients you can trust, from better sources, including all-natural chicken raised without antibiotics, ever. Our delicious sandwiches, wraps and shakes are fresh and made to order. It’s fast food you can feel good about."   Frank "Frank, downtown on 4th & Colorado is Austin’s original Chicago Hot Doggery with a focus on Exotic Game Sausage, Waffle Fry Creations, Craft Beer and Fancy Cocktails. Frank is the best of “High End-Low Brow” for whatever comforts you 7 days a week."   Kababeque Vegetarian-friendly options available. "Kababeque opened half a decade ago in the heart of Downtown Austin and has grown into a staple in this thriving town of food and culture. We have combined popular cuisines of the Mediterranean region with the bold flavors of South Asia. We strive to provide a delicious experience through every bite."   Lamba’s Indian Kitchen Vegan-friendly options available. "Lamba's has been in the business of gourmet delight for the past eight years. We offer textures, flavors and an expressive range of Indian cuisine that is sumptuously brought alive. Lamba's is cherished at farmers market around Austin, San Antonio, at local grocery stores, and at our food trailer at Rainey Street."   Lonesome Dove Western Bistro Vegetarian-friendly options available. "Chef Tim Love is known as much for his vibrant personality as his signature urban western cuisine at critically and popularly acclaimed venues including Lonesome Dove Western Bistro in Austin, Fort Worth and Knoxville, Queenie’s Steakhouse, Woodshed Smokehouse, Love Shack, and the storied White Elephant Saloon. Love will be expanding to Houston, with three concepts in the works to open at Levy Park."   Micklethwait Craft Meats Vegetarian-friendly options available. "In December of 2012, Micklethwait Craft Meats began serving traditional Central Texas style barbecue in East Austin and has since built a steadfast reputation as one of the top barbecue joints in the state."   Mmmpanadas Vegan-friendly options available. "mmmpanadas is a locally owned empanada maker that focuses on fresh ingredients and unexpected flavor combinations. The perfect festival food, mmmpanadas are portable and will not hinder your ability to carry a beverage, lawn chair, or giant Winnie the Pooh head on a 10 foot pole."   Shake Shack Vegetarian-friendly options available. "A modern day roadside burger stand serving antibiotic-free and hormone-free burgers, crinkle cut fries and shakes!"   Southside Flying Pizza Vegetarian-friendly options available. "Mouthwatering pizza made from scratch in the park, just like in our local independent restaurants. The finest cheeses and meats, our own marinara, toppings and dough. Our fresh crust is the perfect compliment. Massive slices surprise and delight. Our pizza rolls and meaty baked chicken wings are sublime."   Tacodeli Vegetarian-friendly options available. "Tacodeli opened in Austin in 1999, but our story began long before in Mexico City. That’s where our founder Roberto grew up and first fell in love with the magical flavors of the taqueria. Years later, his childhood memories mixed with Austin’s friendly vibes to inspire Tacodeli’s food."   Tamale Addiction Vegan-friendly options available. "Nine years honoring our culinary heritage by hand-crafting our tamales from scratch in the traditional ways. Improving grandma’s old recipes using only natural ingredients such as organic non-GMO corn masa, zero trans-fat oils, no lard, and no preservatives. Our tamales are also completely gluten-free."   The Noble Pig Vegan-friendly options available. "The Noble Pig is an all scratch sandwich shop serving chef driven food that is exciting and fresh. Noble was established in 2010 with the goal to serve good food at a good price while treating our guests like family."   The Peached Tortilla Vegetarian-friendly options available. "The award-winning Peached Tortilla is a leader in the local and national food scene, bringing modern Asian cuisine with a Southern flair to the city of Austin. Initially launched as a food truck in 2010, the brand has expanded to multiple food trucks, a full service catering business and restaurant."   Salt Lick BBQ "The Salt Lick remains steeped in family tradition, serving widely renowned recipes that have been in the Roberts’ family for over a century. Salt Lick has been featured on several culinary programs including Top Chef, Man vs. Food, Brew & Que, and The Best Thing I Ever Ate to name a few."   Tinos Greek Cafe Vegetarian-friendly options available. "Tinos Greek Cafe, an Austin favorite, with multiple locations, brings the delicious taste of Greece to ACL festival foodies. We offer authentic Greek food made with fresh ingredients to satisfy both the meat eater and the vegetarian. For the health conscious foodie, we offer fresh salad choices."   Torchy’s Tacos Vegetarian-friendly options available. "Torchy’s Tacos started in 2006 with a mobile trailer, a little red Vespa. Before we knew it, people were rallying beside the taco stand hollering, “damn these tacos are good!” and the legacy began. Today, Torchy’s Tacos operates over 50 locations throughout Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma."   Trudy’s Vegetarian-friendly options available. "Trudy’s, an Austin icon since 1977. We serve fresh, natural, local, Tex-Mex fare with our flare! Fabulous food, happy hour and award-winning cocktails."   Wholly Cow Vegetarian-friendly options available. "We are an eclectic burger joint in the heart of Austin, TX specializing in local produce and grass-fed beef. Over the years we have become a festival favorite not only because our food is great, but because our team is too. See y’all at ACL!"


Desserts and Treats:

  Amy’s Ice Cream Vegan-friendly options available. "Established in 1984, Amy’s handcrafts artisan super premium ice creams, dairy-free fruit ices and frozen yogurt! Home of the world famous Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream. With over 350 flavors in rotation, your every visit will be a new flavor adventure."   Bananarchy Vegan-friendly options available. "One-fourth score and four years ago, Bananarchy was birthed in Austin, Texas. Since its inception it has been fighting the strongholds of ice creamism, cakeism, and cupcakeism, with varying results, all the while patiently imparting to Austinites the sublime vision of frozen banana freedom."   Blenders and Bowls Vegan-friendly options available. "Blenders and Bowls is bringing açaí to ACL! We will be serving the freshest açaí bowls that will be the perfect meal during the festival."   Goodpop Vegan-friendly options available. "Since our beginnings at the farmers markets in Austin in 2009, GoodPop has made the cleanest and most delicious frozen treats anywhere. We go above and beyond, using only fresh, local, non-GMO, Fair Trade, and organic ingredients. GoodPop’s mission is giving back and doing Good in the local ATX community."   Skull and Cakebones Vegan-friendly options available. "Skull & Cakebones specializes in plant-based foods that are clean and sourced locally. We partner with foodies and drinkies within our community to bring their flavors to our products because it’s fun, and we love our people. If you don’t have to use animal products to make something delicious, why should you?"   Sno Beach Vegan-friendly options available. "Sno-Beach has been keeping Austin cool since 1993. Known for our soft, fluffy ice, and syrups made with pure cane sugar, this year we’ve added some all natural flavors to our line-up! Hot summer temperatures, mean refreshing sno-cones and long lines, but don’t worry… the line moves quickly!"   The Mighty Cone Vegetarian-friendly options available. "Mighty Cone was born at the first ACL Fest in 2002! Our iconic “Hot & Crunchy” cones are the ideal festival food – transportable yet delicious – and an Austin staple. Enjoy our chicken, shrimp, and/or avocado cones at our trailer on Barton Springs Road or book one of our trucks for your next party."   Tiff’s Treats Vegetarian-friendly options available. "Tiff’s Treats, the original warm cookie delivery cookie company, started right here in Austin back in 1999. Our slow baking process creates the perfect gooey cookie–golden edges with a soft, warm inside. Tiff’s famous brownies and the Tiffblitz will also be offered at ACL for your enjoyment."  



  High Brew Coffee Vegetarian-friendly options available. "High Brew Coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans that are cold brewed over time, not heated. Our cold brew process creates two times the natural caffeine and lower acidity than traditionally brewed coffee, with way less sugar. High Brew Coffee is available in six ready-to-drink, shelf-stable flavors."   Juiceland Vegan-friendly options available. "Since the summer of 2001, we’ve been serving fresh juice and superfood smoothies from our little stone cottage on Barton Springs Road in the heart of Austin, Texas. Our fun-loving team fuels dozens of locations in Texas. Find your nearest JuiceLand today and let us make all of your drinks come true!"   Maine Root Beverages Vegan-friendly options available. "Maine Root makes wicked HUGE ice cold fair trade certified organically sweetened drinks. Made for rockers by rockers. Metal heads, punks, thrashers, freaks, and love song lovers all know where to go for the coldest drinks, fastest lines and best value at ACL so pin the throttle and dump that clutch."   Shade Tree Organic Lemonade Vegan-friendly options available. "Shade Tree Beverage is excited to present its USDA certified organic, low-calorie lemonades for its Texas statewide launch of healthy juice drinks now available in stores near you. Enjoy the staple flavors of Original, Strawberry, and Blueberry!"

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