Festival Overview: Pecan Street Festival

Austin’s home to a huge creative community — musicians, artisans, tastemakers — so doesn’t it make sense that we’d also host a festival to celebrate those things? You’d be right. That magical event does exist, and it’s called Pecan Street Festival.

Held in the Historic 6th Street District, Pecan Street Fest is put on twice a year; one weekend in the spring, and one weekend in the fall. This year’s fall festival date is approaching quickly, with the weekend planned for September 22nd and 23rd. With three stages set up for rotating bands, local and national artisans selling handmade crafts, and food trucks galore, you’ll want to close out the summer with an afternoon shopping and enjoying tunes with your fellow Austinites.


For transplants and first-timers: Don’t make the mistake of looking for Pecan Street on your GPS, or you’ll never make it to the festival. It’s just a historical carry-over from Austin’s past. Edwin Waller, designer of Austin’s original grid, recommended that the North-South streets be named after Texas rivers and the East-West be numerical. His opinion was overruled, and instead the East-West streets were named after trees: Pecan Street. Later in the city’s history, this ruling was overturned, making Pecan Street what it is today: the infamous row of bars we know as 6th Street.


Although the application period for artisans, vendors, and musicians has passed, you can always apply next year! Get more info at the Pecan Street Festival site or on social @pecanstreetfestival. Mark your calendars for September 22nd and 23rd, and join in on an Austin staple!

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