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How EarBuds Will Change The Way You Listen To Music

How EarBuds Uses Music to Bring People Together

Good music evokes emotion. Whether it's joy or sadness or excitement, until now, it was nearly impossible to recreate that feeling for another listener. You might send your friend a playlist to listen to later, sure, but you couldn't experience those emotions alongside them unless you were sitting in the same room.

That's where EarBuds comes in. If music is all about emotion and experiences, EarBuds is all about the ability to share those emotions and experiences with the people in your life that matter. Listening alone — on the way to work, for example — doesn't have to be a solitary experience. Music is meant to be shared, and with EarBuds, you can share more than just a song. You can share a moment.

Listen Along With Celebrities, Athletes & Musicians

It's not just about sharing with your friends, either. EarBuds is also going to drastically change the relationship people have with their favorite musicians. Artists will have the ability to drop a new album and listen along to it with their fans in real-time.

Speaking of musicians, have you ever wondered what kind of albums your favorite artists have on repeat? Who's inspiring them when they're not in the studio? Listening to a playlist curated by your favorite artist creates an all-new experience that's much more intimate than a concert or even an acoustic set — it peels back the curtain into what kind of music fuels your favorite artists.

We're betting you're not just interested in musicians' music tastes, either. Ever wondered what your favorite athlete listens to while they work out? With EarBuds, you can hit the gym with Steph Curry or Gronk. Founder and former NFL player Jason Fox first imagined EarBuds as a listening experience in an athletic space — he was inspired watching Cam Newton warm up and asked himself, "What if everyone in the stadium could hear what he was listening to?" With EarBuds, now everyone can.

How Analog Is Actually the New Digital

Besides who you'll be listening to in EarBuds, there's also an important difference in how you'll be listening. Because EarBuds relies on a host to set up a live session, listeners enjoy a DJ-like experience that's more passive than what they experience in most music players. Rather than skipping around or flipping through songs, listening in EarBuds is more like enjoying a mixtape — a series of songs played in the way the playlist creator intended.

In our testing phase, we've heard lots of positive feedback from our testers around the huge amount of new music they've been exposed to. For testers that didn't actively seek out new music or artists frequently, EarBuds is a discovery tool. For music buffs, you have the opportunity to act as a tastemaker for other listeners.

The future of music is live and social. EarBuds is bringing the listening room experience into the 21st century, and despite the dozens of different ways that people are going to use EarBuds, one thing is for sure: music will never be the same.

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