EarBuds makes music Social.

Livestream your music to your friends by syncing EarBuds with your Spotify premium or Apple Music account.
Chat, interact, and stay up to date on the latest music. Never miss a beat with EarBuds. 
“EarBuds lets my friends and fans listen in on my world. Whether that’s my pregame playlist, when I’m training during the off-season, or just hanging around the house. My music is their music, and it’s real. It’s real-time. It’s authentically me. I love it.”"
Baker Mayfield
Cleveland Browns Quarterback

What can you do with EarBuds?

Share your music

EarBuds is simple. You have music you want to share with your friends. Pair your Spotify or Apple Music account, and any music you have in your library is now on EarBuds. Go live with your music and anyone can listen to what you're listening to while you're listening to it, like you're sharing a pair of earbuds.

Talk about it

You have great music taste, and good music deserves to be talked about. Use EarBuds' chat feature to talk to your followers or send reaction gifs. The chat is organized by what song is playing, so you always know what song people are talking about.

Save music back to your library

Missed a live stream or want to save something for later? You can save songs or playlists you find on EarBuds back to your Spotify or Apple Music library. You can even add them to specific playlists right from EarBuds!

Good music is meant to be shared.

Download EarBuds now and start streaming.