This Year’s Must-See SXSW Shows

With over 240 artists from around the world migrating to ATX for the infamous SXSW, there will be no shortage of amazing music vibrating throughout the city from March 11-17. Musicians from Japan, Haiti, Australia, and more will be making the journey to Austin to perform at SXSW, the largest music festival in the world.  


So much music. So little time. It’s impossible to see every artist performing this year, so we’ve done our due diligence in researching these musicians and come up with a list of this year’s must-see shows!

Abhi the Nomad

Abhi the Nomad – Abhi’s debut album “Marbled” was named Austin’s album of the year by the Austin Chronicle in 2018. Heavily influenced by many different artists, including Kanye, Kendrick Lamar, and The Strokes, Abhi’s tracks take a dip into many different genres but he is primarily a hip-hop artist. His new single “Flush” has our office feeling some type of way.

The Brummies

This indie-rock trio, comprised of John Davidson, Jacob Bryant, and Trevor Davis, formed in highschool and have been rocking out ever since. Some of the band’s biggest influences include Elton John, the Beatles, and My Morning Jacket. Their newest album, Eternal Reach, combines the rock-vibe of the Sixties with the chill indie-folk of the Nineties, and we are digging it.


Can’t make it through a music festival without some EDM, so when R3HAB was announced to perform at SXSW, we added it to the must-see list. This Dutch native has garnered hundreds of millions of streams, and his electrifying albums have produced lots of chart-topping tracks on the Billboard top 100 for dance/electronic music. 

Tameca Jones

Tameca Jones – Deemed the “queen of Austin soul” , this Austin native carries soothing but powerful vocals that are even more captivating when heard live. Featured in Billboard and Rolling Stone, she was named best female vocalist at the 2018 Austin Music Awards. Tameca Jones’s single “Are You Awake” has been on repeat on our playlist and we’re still not over it. Will we ever be? Probably not.

Sweet Crude

Sweet Crude – Comprised of six members who look to connect with their New Orleans lineage while still holding onto their own modern influences, Sweet Crude puts on exciting shows and has performed at major U.S. festivals such as Bonnaroo and New Orleans Jazz. This folk/indie pop has created masterpieces such as “isle dans la mer”, and this upbeat tune has us excited to see what the future has in store for Sweet Crude. 

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