The Social Music App.

What if you could be in the headphones of your friends or favorite celebrities anytime they listened to music?


With EarBuds, now you can.

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Get in their head (phones)

You have the power to share headphones with your closest friends, or today’s biggest stars. Whether they’re pre-gaming for the big game or pre-gaming for the party tonight, you can share the moment wherever you are.

  • Listen together in real-time

Listen to music live with friends and celebrities. You can tune into your best friend’s study session or workout with your favorite athlete.  Experience music together.

  • Connect through music

Chat with celebrities. Hangout with your best friends. Hear artists explain what inspired them to make a song, or why your friend has been playing that song on repeat for the last week.

  • Find what inspires you

Find new music. Save songs and playlists directly to your music library. Listen to the music that inspires the people who matter to you, not to algorithms. 

How it works

Share the music that keeps you moving forward with the people who want to be a part of your journey.

  • Share

Livestream your music to the world. Whether you’re warming up for the big game, debuting your new album, or just relaxing, let your fans into your world with music.

  • Connect

Engage with your fans. You can chat, interact, and connect with your following in a way that feels more personal than any other social network.

  • Promote

Push your fans to the promoted content of your choosing, from your philanthropies to ticket sales and everything in between.

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