EarBuds Music App Features

The Breakdown — EarBuds App Features Explained

We love a good breakdown—the best beat drops and guitar riffs lure us in and make us stay. As the EarBuds team prepares for launch, we are working on some fresh features to make your listening and curating experience seamless and connective. Whether you're tech-savvy or not, new apps can take a hot second to learn. We're here to break it down for you a different kind of way. Check out our most up-to-date guide on the latest features and join the future of music sharing with the EarBuds Beta.


Like any social app, your EarBuds Feed keeps you in the loop. See who is streaming live and listen along, or check out what your friends are listening to in the moment. Scroll to discover previous sessions, see their stats, and save what catches your ear to your Spotify or Apple Library. If you’re really into a playlist—but missed the live session—broadcast it by selecting “create session from all.” 


The Explore feature helps you listen and discover with ease. At the top of the tab, swipe through a catalog of live sessions hosted by current follows as well as people you don’t follow. Whether you’re feeling moody or hyped, you can also access live or past sessions in the vibe of your choice with a quick scroll.With around twenty vibes to choose from, you'll land on something to listen to, discover new music, and find inspiration for your own playlists.

Stream & Listen

Whether you’re listening or curating, the Stream feature helps you connect and share music seamlessly. Host your own session and reel listeners in with a catchy session name and choose a #vibe. While listening, invite friends to listen along, like your favorite songs, and save individual songs or the full playlist to your Spotify or Apple Library. In Chat, share your thoughts with other listeners instantly, send relevant or irrelevant GIFs, and tag friends.


Your Profileis the place to add personal touches. Upload photos, tag your location, and let others know what you're all about in the 'About Me' section. On the main page, track your sessions, stats, and activity. See how many sessions you’ve listened to and hosted as well as your followers and follows. Finally, invite friends who haven't joined the app so you can start listening together.

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