Release 1.6 – Leaderboards

Are you over-competitive? Us too. Fortunately for all of us, the explore page now has two leader-boards for ranking users. You can land a spot on the first leader-board by broadcasting the most music in the app. The second leader-board ranks users by the number of listeners they have in each live-stream.

The more listeners you draw into your live-stream the higher chance you have of snagging a top spot on the leader-board. You can check leaders on a weekly, monthly, or all-time basis. Now you have the chance to compete to get your profile showcased!

The feed is now an even more awesome place to follow and invite friends. If you scroll to the bottom of your feed and click the purple icon EarBuds will suggest users to follow based on their popularity and music taste! It's now easier than ever to find music based on your preferences. The top genres for every user are now located on their profile. Rap, EDM, Rock. There's something for everyone!

Lastly, follow and subscribe are now two different actions. You will only get notifications from people you're "subscribed" to. Hit subscribe so you don’t miss out on a session!

We hope you enjoy these updates as much as we do! As always, if you find a bug or would like to suggest a feature just shake your phone and you can send a bug report straight to our dev team.

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