Release 1.6.2 – Introducing Genres

Thanks to feedback from our users and beta testers, we’ve now added tagging by genre to EarBuds! EarBuds will now automatically tag every session by genre based on data from Apple Music and Spotify instead of by vibe. We know that tagging by vibe was getting pretty obscure, so we hope this change will make it easier for you to find the  music you want to listen to.

To find new music by genre, just head to the explore page. Here you’ll find brand new chiclets, one for each of the top 14 genres on EarBuds. Click on one to find a list of all the live and past sessions for that genre.


There are also now EarBot sessions for each genre! EarBot automatically takes the top songs being played in each genre, as well as some he picks based on his personal taste, and broadcasts a live session based on those songs. Check out EarBot’s sessions to see what’s hot on EarBuds.


The improvements don’t just stop at sessions. Users’ profiles now display their top streamed genres, so you easily see what type of music people are streaming. 

Webp.net-resizeimage (1)

Lastly, if you scroll to the bottom of your feed, you can now find your friends on the app by connecting EarBuds to Facebook. You’ll then be given suggestions on people to follow based on the people you’re friends with on Facebook.


Release 1.6.2 is about music discoverability. You can now find streams that have the kind of music you want to listen to, you can use EarBot to listen to what’s hot in each genre, and you can now immediately see what kind of music users stream. We hope that these updates will make it easier to for you to find new music and follow other people who have similar tastes in music. 

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