Release 1.4 – Introducing Search!

Our latest update makes curating your favorite playlists a breeze! Now you can search for songs on EarBuds and add them directly to your playlists or livestreams. If your music provider has a song, then EarBuds has it too. Going back and forth between your music provider and EarBuds to find songs is a thing of the past. EarBuds is now be your one-stop-shop for everything music!


Using search is simple. Start creating your playlist, and if a song comes to mind that isn’t already in your Apple Music or Spotify library, use the search bar to look up the song in EarBuds. It’s that easy.


Any song you can find in either Spotify or Apple Music you can also find in EarBuds, which means no more switching between apps to create the perfect playlist. As always, users are still able to save songs found in sessions directly to their music provider’s library. Thanks to this new update we are now fully integrated with your music provider!


We also made some cool changes to the way sessions look in the explore page, including making the host’s profile picture and name bigger so you can always easily see who’s streaming.


As usual, we’re always looking for feedback. If you find a bug or want to suggest an improvement, shake your phone and you can instantly send a bug report straight to our development team!


Also, be sure to catch us at the Burton Open this weekend. Snowboarders like Danny Davis, Mark McMorris, and Ben Ferguson will be streaming live as they’re competing! Share the moment. Live the music.

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