Interview with Marketing Manager, Kayla Moses

Marketing Manager Kayla Moses talks about her background in the Austin startup scene, marketing, and one of her favorite artists: Brandon Flowers.

What’s your background, and how did you get into your field?
My background is actually in writing — English literature, more specifically. I’ve always enjoyed working on little web and design projects online, and that pushed me to my first “real” job out of college in social media marketing. Working for brands online, it clicked for me that I could marry my love of communication, community, visual design, and the Internet (sad but true) in this constantly evolving field. Five years later, I’m still learning, and that’s my favorite part.

What attracted you to a young startup like EarBuds?
One of the greatest experiences I’ve had early in my career was building a new product suite in a incubated beta, and when Jason told me about what the team was building at EarBuds, I knew this was an incredible opportunity to recreate that experience. There’s nothing more exciting than building something from scratch. It’s raw energy.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your role?
Growing anything from scratch, or from an early state, is a challenge, but it’s also exactly why I accepted this role. Studying consumer behaviors, learning what an audience loves, testing strategies — this is the stuff I love.

What’s a personal habit that contributes to your success?
I’m a chronic documenter, and I’m intentional with my workflow. It’s important for people to capitalize on their most productive work hours and to break when they need to. I go for a walk a few times a day, and carry a journal with me everywhere to jot down ideas. Having a system for thought-capture reduces cognitive load and keeps those pesky (good!) ideas out of my way when I need to focus.

Just one last one, for fun: What’s one album you absolutely adore that you wish more people would listen to?
Okay, bear with me: there are honestly about a million albums I feel this way about, but my all-time album to evangelize is The Killers’ 2012 “Battle Born.” It’s their Springsteen album and it’s super nostalgic and 80s synthy, but it got totally panned by critics (“cheeseball” was a word that came up from Rolling Stone). But it’s incredible, seriously — Rolling Stone also said it was “their wildest neon-Springsteen fever dream yet,” so make what you will of that. If you’re a Killers fan and not listening to frontman Brandon Flowers’ solo stuff too, you should be; his most recent solo album “Desired Effect” is also fantastic (but the critics loved that one).

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