FAQ: How to Join the EarBuds Beta

EarBuds is the future of listening to music. We’re in, are you? Read on for instructions for how you can join our limited-access beta and to learn how to include your friends. 


What does it mean for an app to be in beta?

Before any product (not just apps!) launches,  it’s crucial to spend time with users to understand their needs and to get feedback on elements of design. A closed beta like ours is a group of users that gets access before anyone else; if you’re accepted to the beta, you’re given the opportunity to work closely with our product team to test what we’re building.


How do I sign up?

You can sign up for the waitlist here. We grant access to the app in waves; to have the best experience, we recommend getting your friends to sign up around the same time that you do — that means there’s a higher likelihood you would get access around the same time. We’re currently developing for iOS, so our testers will need to be Spotify Premium or Apple Music paid users with iPhones.


What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up, we’ll stay in touch periodically with updates around the app’s development. When you’ve been selected for early access, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download Apple’s test environment, an app called TestFlight. Apple uses this iOS app to monitor programs as they’re testing in beta before launching in the App Store.


How to Download EarBuds with TestFlight:

  1. If you’re on your phone, click here to download the TestFlight app from the App Store. If you’re reading this on a desktop, you’ll need to navigate to the App Store preview for TestFlight. Downloading TestFlight is necessary before your invite to the beta will be active.

  2. You’ll receive an invitation email, which you should open on your phone. Because you will have already downloaded TestFlight, you’ll just need to hit “Accept” when you see the EarBuds logo.

Troubleshooting TestFlight


I keep getting asked for a code. What does that mean?

If you’re being asked for a code from TestFlight, we’d recommend shutting down the TestFlight app and going back to your invite email. Click through again and you should be taken directly into the TestFlight app, where you’ll be prompted to “Accept the invite to download the EarBuds beta.

Our UX Director, Randall Elliott, is here to help out with any problems you may have! Reach out to our Beta Testers Facebook group and we’ll put you in touch.

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