Beta Release 18.4

Our last update unveiled Profile 2.0, and we've got an even more exciting announcement for today's release: GIFs! We've added a Giphy integration so you can search and post GIFs to your heart's delight in all your chats.   This new build adds new functionality to our search tool. The last three profiles that you've visited will show up as "Recent" so you can find your friends even more quickly. Read on to learn more abut these two new aspects of the EarBuds app and to download the most recent build in TestFlight.  

Get Giphy With It

We can all agree: GIFs just make everything better. Whether it's with pizza, puppies, or alien GIFs, this update's Giphy integration will bring a smile to your face. You can search and send GIFs with Giphy in our in-session chat. Before you search, you'll also see a series of the trending images on Giphy.  

Recent Users in Search

This build includes added functionality in Search. Our Search screen automatically populates the last three profiles you visited as "Recent," so it's even easier to stay on top of users that match your taste. Don't forget that the best way to see your friends' activity is to follow them! For EarBuds users that you follow, you'll get notified every time they host a session, and you'll be able to see their listening and broadcast history in Feed.

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