Beta Release 17.7

Our last update changed how you experience follower activity with our all-new Feed. This time around, we're addressing a huge user pain: Don't you hate it when a host leaves a session and the music just ends? Now that's a thing of the past.

This new build adds flexibility in how you create and host your sessions. Read on to learn more about these two new aspects of the EarBuds app and if you’re a beta tester be sure to download the most recent build in TestFlight to try out the new features.

Keep the Music Going

Things happen and sadly, sometimes sessions have to end before the playlist does. Now when a host has to bounce, as a listener, the jams keep going. The songs in the session will loop until you decide it's time for you to head out, too. If you're a host, you can feel confident that your followers can enjoy your tunes and continue chatting even after you bow out of a session. For listeners, this feature will make EarBuds much more enjoyable to use, since the music won’t ever just abruptly cut off when you’re on a run or doing another activity where you don’t want to stop to pick new music.

Refresh To Sync

If you're a power user, in the past, you may have navigated between EarBuds and Spotify or Apple Music multiple times while waiting for a playlist to update. Now seeing changes reflect in EarBuds is as easy as pressing "Refresh." We'll always sync your playlists behind the scenes, but now you can manually refresh to have the most up-to-date version for your session. We added this feature after getting a lot of feedback from testers saying that they wanted it, and we hope that it makes hosting sessions even easier.

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