Beta Release 16.7 — It’s a Vibe

Our newest update will completely change the way you discover music in EarBuds. We have added huge additions to the Explore tab that will let you find sessions based on their vibe. Read below to learn more about these exciting new changes — and if you’re a beta tester, be sure to update your app in TestFlight to get access to these features!  

Introducing Explore V2

Welcome to an all-new way to discover sessions and music using our Explore tab. Explore is a way for users to discover sessions by people they aren’t following, but may be interested in. With the latest update live sessions are sorted by their assigned vibe in Explore. In this view, you can click into a vibe to see live and past activity, so you can join an existing session or go live with a playlist on your own. The vibes range from moods like “sad” or “happy” to more abstract vibes like “wavy” or “hyped.” This means that no matter what kind of music you’re looking for, you can find it in the redesigned Explore tab.  

It's a Vibe

Tagged vibes power our Explore screen and give your listeners context into what kind of session you're hosting. Our teams felt that it was important for our users to be able to choose for yourself by personalizing your session, and if you're on the run, our tech will assign a vibe based on your playlist song choices. Our vibes include tags like mellow, upbeat, electronic, throwback, and many more. We also now give the ability to tag sessions with an activity like working out, commuting, or studying. This is just one step towards being able to fully personalize your session, but we’re excited to see how our testers use it!  

Visual Enhancements

In this beta release, we included significant visual improvements. Session cards now have a shiny new scroll horizontal scroll treatment. The dynamic color-changing background in the app’s UI should now happen much more quickly and accurately due to changes made in the new update, and you'll now find a follow button on session cards.   This beta update was mainly focused on personalizing sessions and making them more discoverable in the explore feed. We still have a long way to go before the Explore tab is completely fleshed out, but this is a big step in the right direction. We can’t wait to see how our users interact with all these new features, and we hope that it will make finding sessions our users like much easier.

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