Share the moment.
Live the music.

Listen in on the music friends, fellow fans, and favorite celebs are loving right now. Snag picks for your playlists. Livestream a playlist anytime you’re inspired.

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EarBuds brings music to life. 

Hop into a session that matches your mood. Follow someone famous. Connect with someone special. 

We built EarBuds to bring people together with music. 

Share the moment. Find what feeds you.

Connect your crew.

Match your mood.

Run with a friend.

Get in the flow.

Game together.

Get inspired.

Listen in on their world.

Listen in on their world.

“EarBuds lets my friends and fans listen in on my world. Whether that’s my pregame playlist, when I’m training during the off-season, or just hanging around the house. My music is their music, and it’s real. It’s real-time. It’s authentically me. I love it.”

Baker Mayfield


Discover new music.

See who’s livestreaming and find music that matches your mood. Snag new song picks for your playlists.

Connect in the moment.

Listen in on what friends and fellow music fans are loving right now. Give and get reactions in real time. 

Share your song picks.

Livestream your playlists whenever you’re inspired. Invite friends to share the moment and listen along.

How EarBuds works.

Our mission is simple: The music never stops. EarBuds makes the listening and social experience seamless.

Install the app

Download the app in the iOS App Store. Set up your account with your premium music provider, Spotify or Apple Music.

Customize your feed

Search for friends you’d like to follow. You’ll be notified every time they host a stream! Join other livestreams to discover new music.

Host a livestream

If you want to share your music, choose an existing playlist or create a new one with songs from your library. Go live!

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Don’t see your question here? Contact us for answers.

Is EarBuds a free service?

Yes! EarBuds is a free app you can download in the iOS App Store. All you need is a premium subscription to either Spotify or Apple Music!

Which music providers can I use?

Currently, EarBuds partners with Spotify and Apple Music. If you have a music service you think we should look into, we’re open to feedback.

Will you provide regular updates?

We’ll be offering regular releases to the App Store, and you can sign up for our email list to receive updates about further development.

When are you developing for Android?

We love Android users and we will be developing for Android in the very near future.