Listen together.

Host a livestream of your favorite music and listen along with your friends from anywhere in the world - for free.

Listen together.

Host a livestream of your favorite music and listen along with your friends from anywhere in the world.

Stay Connected

See what your friends are listening to, wherever they are in the world. Listen along or catch up with their faves later.

Host a Livestream

Invite anyone to listen along to your picks! Share your music taste with the world (or just your best friends).

Listen Along

Join your favorite athletes, actors, and musicians. Hear what they hear, from the locker room to the green room.

See what your friends listen to.

EarBuds is a social music app designed to bring people together over something they love: music.

  • Share music seamlessly

    Invite friends via text, Facebook, or Twitter. It's easier than ever to share music with your crew.

  • Save and discover

    See what friends and influencers are listening to and save directly to your music provider.

  • Music meets social

    Chat, live streaming, likes, and followers are now centered around music. Listen to music together, wherever.

Our users:

Music has defined periods of my life, and the one in college can be summed up in one word: community. I’m very lucky to have been a part of this.

I absolutely love tuning in to see what my friends are listening to — it’s one of my favorite ways to discover new artists.

Moving to Austin for school, suddenly every conversation started with “What are you listening to?” or “Have you heard of this band or song before?” 


It’s a connection that brings us all together.

How does it work?

Our mission is simple: The music never stops. EarBuds makes the listening and social experience seamless. It's more than a playlist — it's about listening together.

  • Install the app

    Download the app in the iOS App Store. Set up your account with your premium music provider, Spotify or Apple Music.

  • Customize your feed

    Search for friends you'd like to follow. You'll be notified every time they host a stream! Join other livestreams to discover new music.

  • Host a livestream

    Choose an existing playlist or create a new one with songs from your library. Go live! You're officially hosting a livestream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question here? Contact us for answers. 

  • Do I need a referral code?

    Some musicians have referral codes to share EarBuds with their fans. You don't need a referral code to use EarBuds, but they can connect you to artists.

  • Is EarBuds a free service?

    Yes! EarBuds is free. The only required service is a premium Spotify membership or paid Apple Music account.

  • What music providers can I use?

    Currently, EarBuds partners with Spotify and Apple Music. If you have a music service you think we should look into, we're open to feedback.

  • Will you provide regular updates?

    We'll be offering regular releases to the App Store, and you can sign up for our email list to receive updates about further development.

  • When are you developing for Android?

    We will be developing for Android after our U.S. launch in the iOS App Store.

  • Where can I give feedback?

    Great question. You can contact our team at the above listed email. If you have more questions, select "Support" from the menu.