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EarBuds is a social, shared-listening app designed to bring people together over something they love: music. We’re more than just a music player — EarBuds partners with existing Spotify and Apple Music libraries to offer users the unique ability to curate playlists and “go live,” broadcasting their music selections in a real-time session joined by friends and followers.

Imagine the music that makes you feel your best — the songs you turn up on the radio, the ones that always get you dancing. Now imagine that you could share that feeling with your friends, live. Every listening session is an opportunity to connect and discover new music. Soon you’ll even be able to listen in while pro athletes work out or to the green room warm-up playlist before your favorite band takes the stage. EarBuds lets you get in the moment from wherever you are.

Going Live

Live sessions are the beat that keeps EarBuds going. Users can host sessions created from playlists they’ve curated in Spotify or Apple Music, and then friends, followers, and new connections can join to listen alongside the host. As a listener, you have the freedom to join and follow users that stream playlists that fit your tastes.


The only thing better than sharing music with friends is discovering new musicians you both love. The EarBuds app learns from your listening habits to connect you with sessions, hosts, and musicians to match your tastes. You can also save music you’re interested in everywhere in the app, making playlist curation and experimentation a breeze.


Good music sparks conversation. Our chat feature makes space for your friends to chime in and reply to other listeners during live sessions. Hosts can see which songs their listeners like best and respond, too. This opens up a world of opportunity for artists and influencers to communicate directly with their fanbase.

Our Team’s Story

After six years playing professional football for the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions, Fort Worth native Jason Fox founded EarBuds, the first social-focused music-sharing platform.

Watching Cam Newton’s warmup, Jason wondered what kind of music he played to gear up for a big win. This memory stayed in Fox’s mind long after he hung up his cleats for good, and not long after his time with the Miami Dolphins, he began his mission to bring live music sharing to the world. As of December 2016, EarBuds was on its way.


These days, you can find the EarBuds team proudly building from the Frost Tower in downtown Austin, Texas and preparing for launch in late 2018.